Captain Ahab garden gnome

Captain Ahab visits Arrowhead

Captain Ahab in the form of a three-foot tall, 40 pound, bright yellow, wooden fisherman/wannabe pirate captain!  Geeg Wiles will have an exhibit including the famous garden gnome, starting July…More

Melle fairies 6-5-17a

Fairies visit Arrowhead

The fairies are all over the front lawn and on the piazza at Arrowhead.

In 1856, Herman Melville wrote a short story, “The Piazza,” while living at Arrowhead. In this tale,…More

lamp post fairy 6-8-17

workshop: build your own fairy

Build your own small fairy with Michael Melle!  Michael, who created all the fairies frolicking around Arrowhead, will teach how you can make one for your house.  Tuesday, June 27…More

Jordan holding tree slice 6-14-17a

Herman Melville’s Tree

On the night of February 26, 2017, a windstorm damaged one of the Norway spruce trees at Arrowhead. Planted by Herman Melville circa 1860, these trees have witnessed over 150…More

stonewall crew end of day 5-21-17 2a

Stonewall restoration at Arrowhead

When Herman Melville and his family moved to Arrowhead in 1850, it was already an old farm. The stonewall along Holmes Road was probably already there. After a couple hundred…More

opening day sign Rick Wilder 05-22-15a

Arrowhead opens for tours on May 22

Herman Melville’s Arrowhead is open daily for tours May 22 through mid-October.  Take a house tour, explore exhibits and the nature trail.  This year we feature “Enchanted Berkshires: Where Fairies…More

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